Programmable Networks

Partnerships & Collaborations

In order to challenge the problems of multiscale systems, the group has built an impressive network of public-private partnerships. Most of the projects within the group have industry participation.

They have an important ongoing collaboration with Equinix, an American multinational company that specializes in internet connection and data science. The group values collaboration with industries, encouraging all its staff and the PhDs to build these links, for example with participation to the ICT with Industry workshop. Dr. Grosso currently chairs the steering committee. This workshop challenges a group of around 50 researchers from IT and Computer Science from a wide range of universities to work together extensively during five days on challenging problems proposed by companies.

The group has also rich scientific collaborations. A strong connection is with the eScience Center that is involved in several research projects with MNS e.g. the NWO-funded SecConNet and the H2020-funded PROCESS. These projects looks at novel architectures and technologies that provide scientific, industrial and business applications with versatile computing environments suitable to handle Big Data applications.

Our work is applicable in a diverse set of domains, from environmental science to health. Within the CLARIFY project the MNS group works together with nine partners to link engineering and medicine. Based on cutting-edge technologies the project develops an automated digital diagnostic environment for pathology to reach better-informed medical decisions.