The Horizon Europe project Blue-Cloud2026 Kick-Off Meeting

The Horizon Europe project Blue-Cloud2026 had its Kick-Off Meeting from 13 to 15 February 2023 in Pisa, Italy. The project aims to develop a Federated European Ecosystem to deliver FAIR & Open data and analytical services, instrumental for deepening research of oceans, EU seas, and coastal & inland waters. Dr. Zhiming Zhao from Multiscale Networked System group (MNS), Informatics Institute, joins the project and contributes to developing and exploiting Oceanographic Virtual Research Environments and Data Management services. The project will last 42 months with a total budget of 8M euros. MNS will share 100K from the project to support dr. Zhao to explore the opportunity to integrate the BlueCloud VRE with LifeWatch infrastructure and make it available for larger communities in ENVRI-FAIR/Lifewatch.