UvA receives grant for EU Horizon-Europe ENVRI-Hub Next project

Grant: EU Horizon-Europe ENVRI-Hub Next (ENVironmental Research Infrastructures delivering an open access Hub and NEXT-level interdisciplinary research framework providing services for advancing science and society). UvA receives 360K from total 5M.

The project aims to develop a robust conceptual and technical framework to provide interdisciplinary science-based services to support climate change research and to facilitate the integration of the environmental sciences community into the European Open Science Cloud, guided by the science-based framework of Essential Climate Variables.

The project has 21 partners and will last three years. The University of Amsterdam will share 360K from the total budget of 5M. During the project, the team of Dr. Zhiming Zhao at Multiscale Networked System research group will lead the development of the knowledgebase and contribute to the development of a cloud Virtual Research Environment.

Yuandou Wang