UvA receives grant for OSCARS (Open Science Clusters’ Action for Research & Society)

The EU Horizon Europe project OSCARS (Open Science Clusters’ Action for Research & Society) has been successfully kicked off 13/March 2024 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Coordinated by CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), the project aims to bring together European Research Infrastructures (RIs) organized into five “Science Clusters” along the ESFRI thematic research domains1. Together with their broader scientific (user) communities, the OSCARS project aims to lead and foster the involvement of a broad range of research communities in EOSC by developing new Open Science projects, which will drive the uptake of FAIR-data-intensive research throughout the European Research Area (ERA).

The project has 15 partners from 12 countries and will last four years; the consortium includes research infrastructures from environmental earth science, life science, particle physics, Photon and neutron, and social science. The University of Amsterdam will share 256K from the total budget of 25M, in which 16M will be allocated to the research community to fund open science projects. During the project, Dr. Zhiming Zhao from the Multiscale Networked System research group will coordinate the UvA effort to support the open science experiments in the virtual research environment and the construction of the competence center of environmental and earth science.