Lu Zhang successfully defends her PhD thesis

Lu Zhang successfully defended her PhD thesis, titled “A policy compliance detection architecture for data exchange infrastructures” on Oct.19, 2022. Her PhD research was focused on designing and establishing digital infrastructures that facilitate secure data sharing and federation with policy enforcement capabilities.

MNS research visitor receives the STG award of CNSM 2022

MNS research visitor receives the award on the CNSM 2022. The Student Travel Grants (STG) by IFIP goes to Leandro Almeida, speaker of the full paper: “iRED: Improving the DASH QoS by dropping packets in programmable data planes” at the 18th International Conference on Network and Service Management, which happened at Thessaloniki, Greece.

Zeshun Shi successfully defends his PhD thesis

Zeshun Shi successfully defended his PhD thesis, titled “Enhancing Service-Level Agreements Using Decentralized Auctions and Witnesses” on the 3rd of November 2022. His Ph.D. research was focused on the use of blockchain, smart contracts, game theory, and auction models to create a decentralized cloud marketplace, and to orchestrate trustworthy transactions for cloud services.

PhD Position on "Data Science Methods Detecting Legal Issues in Decentralized Systems"

The Faculty of Law, Institute for Information Law (IViR), and the Informatics Institute (IvI) at the Faculty of Science is offering an interdisciplinary PhD position to work on the development of data science methods to detect legal issues in decentralized systems.

Ph.D. position on "A novel empirical and data-driven hybrid approach for analysing legal risks, their causes and impact in decentralised techno-social systems"

Dr. Zhiming Zhao and his partner from the Law faculty received a joint Ph.D. position on “A novel empirical and data-driven hybrid approach for analysing legal risks, their causes and impact in decentralised techno-social systems”.

Hongyun Liu wins the best student paper awards of the IEEE Cloud conference 2021

Hongyun Liu, supervised by Dr. Zhiming Zhao, received the best student paper awards from the IEEE Cloud conference 2021. Machine learning-based resource scheduling solutions often suffer from low robustness when workloads change, particularly when tasks are time-critical.

MNS, CCI groups partner in CATRIN project.

Researchers from the Informatics Institute, Dr Paola Grosso and Dr Chrysa Papagianni both from the MultiScale Networked Systems group as well as Prof. Cees de Laat from the Complex Cyber Infrastructure group, contributed to the proposal and will carry out the research at the University of Amsterdam.

Humainer AI proposal awarded to Dr. Paola Grosso

The proposal ‘a HUman and Mathematical Approach to Implementing and Navigating Explainable and Responsible AI’ from Paola Grosso has been awarded in the NWO multidisciplinary call Artificial Intelligence Responsible Use.

Dr. Paola Grosso leads User-driven Path Verification and Control for Inter-domain Networks (UPIN) project.

UPIN is a collaboration between Dr. Paola Grosso from the Multiscale Networked Systems Lab (MNS) and prof. Pras and dr. Hesselman (from TU Twente and SIDNLabs respectively). Read more

Dr. Paola Grosso new director Graduate School of Informatics

Paola Grosso has succeeded Andy Pimentel as director of the Graduate School of Informatics from 1 June. Paola about her new position: ‘We have very successful Master’s programmes with enthusiastic lecturers and motivated students.